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Prakash is a innovative software industry die hard referred to as a developer icon- who extols and educates the world on how to provide the perfect program and back it up with the requisite database expertise. He passionately shares his visions as an active e-evangelist and is tapped as an expert source by the media on his insights in pioneering technologies, process redesign and development. His is a methodology that unites the often separate functions of software development and production and operations into a single, integrated, and continuous process. Prakash is naturally gifted with proactive forward thinking that gives him an edge when it comes to problem identification, research analysis and resolution by making sense of the outcome of erudite global e-explorations. He spearheads full line of sight life-cycles of project development, quality assurance that drives strong and sustainable gains in new technologies. His easy going nature combined with devastating domain knowledge leverages people, processes, and technology to stimulate collaboration and innovation across the entire software development and release process.


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